Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bavaro Beach- The latest

I absolutely fell in love with the color in these stones.  The blue reminded me so much of the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea, in particular the beautiful Bavaro Beach located in the Domincan Republic. 

Rob and I went there on vacation last February.  Beautiful, clear turquoise waters, nice white sand. You couldn't ask for a more perfect beach.  What also made that trip memorable was that the resort was adults only!

In this necklace and pendant set I used a combination of blue Chalcedony, freshwater pearls and sterling silver wire.  I like the look of the pearls combined with the chalcedony.

Now for some commentary on current eventsAfter what's happened in Haiti it seems sort of lame to be flogging my jewellery. Rob and I were talking last night trying to decide which charity to support. We decided on the Canadian Red Cross. We wanted to make sure that all the money we donated would go directly to Haiti relief.

Please consider donating to the charity of your choice to help the poor people of Haiti.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Losing my Blogger Virginity

Today was the day I decided to jump in head first so-to-speak into the world of blogging. Sure, I'll admit I have posted on blogs before. I am fairly active on Regretsy (one of the all-time greatest and most enjoyable ways to waste time in my opinion), and the Pontiac Solstice Forum to name a few.

But I never really felt the need to set up my own blog. Until today. The main reason I have created this blog was to help kick-start my fledgeling ETSY store, and jewellery designing career. Create more exposure for myself.

So as I struggle to write this, lots of questions are running through my mind.

Isn't blogging a form of "chest- beating???"

Is blogging just a manifestation of a pathetic need for recognition??

Will I be able to write enough witty commentary to keep people entertained and coming back?

Final question- why do I hear the voice of Sarah Jessica Parker in my head as I am typing this?

In this blog I will focus on the jewellery, but also will share my thoughts and opinions on what's happening in my life, and in the world.