Sunday, January 10, 2010

Losing my Blogger Virginity

Today was the day I decided to jump in head first so-to-speak into the world of blogging. Sure, I'll admit I have posted on blogs before. I am fairly active on Regretsy (one of the all-time greatest and most enjoyable ways to waste time in my opinion), and the Pontiac Solstice Forum to name a few.

But I never really felt the need to set up my own blog. Until today. The main reason I have created this blog was to help kick-start my fledgeling ETSY store, and jewellery designing career. Create more exposure for myself.

So as I struggle to write this, lots of questions are running through my mind.

Isn't blogging a form of "chest- beating???"

Is blogging just a manifestation of a pathetic need for recognition??

Will I be able to write enough witty commentary to keep people entertained and coming back?

Final question- why do I hear the voice of Sarah Jessica Parker in my head as I am typing this?

In this blog I will focus on the jewellery, but also will share my thoughts and opinions on what's happening in my life, and in the world.

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