Thursday, February 25, 2010

No strike!!!

So here is how it went down.  After holding our breaths for almost two weeks the mail in votes were counted and 51.45% of college faculty in Ontario voted to accept management's offer.

I wasn't really worried as I guessed that there wouldn't be a strike. Too many people worrying about the economy.  And too many apathetic faculty not bothering to vote.

We have been lucky here in southern Ontario this winter. Some cold weather but not alot of snow. Till now. We received about 4" in Caledon this week and more is on the way supposedly tonight.

A snow day would be nice..... :)

Here is a necklace I made using candy jade and swarovski.  I wrapped the jade in sterling silver wire in what I call the "Chaos" pattern. 

I called this "Pink Kisses"!

I just love the heart chain. It's very delicate looking but sturdy.


  1. Hi Mary!

    Very nice necklace!
    I didn't know that chain, but you're right, it's beautiful! Got to love it!



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