Monday, May 24, 2010

Regretsy Charity Auctions on Ebay

I am a big fan of April Winchell and her hilarious regretsy blog.

I post my two cents worth of sarcasm almost daily. If you haven't heard about it you need to check it out stat! After a long, crappy, day at work it will relieve your stress better than a gin martini. But do yourself a favor and combine both. It's good for your mental health. Trust me on this. I am after all a healthcare professional by day.

April blogs under the name "Helen Killer."  She and her loyal fans troll etsy for the best of the worst in craftland.

Not only does she and her minions "snark" on the godawful stuff that is listed on etsy, but she also does good things!!! Now who would have thunk that such a mean person would actually be an altruist!!??

The auction is for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.   Check it out!!!

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