Friday, July 30, 2010

Some new stuff

Here are some of the new pieces I have made since I have been home.
This necklace is made from shells, mother of pearl and freshwater pearls.  I am not sure if I will be listing it on ETSY or taking it to the shop.

I used green diopside and 14k gold to make these earrings. I wrapped the diopside in my trademark chaos pattern.   I think the combination looks great! I need to take better pictures because the ones I have don't do these earrings justice....

Here I combined freshwater pearl coin beads with citrine and garnets.

They are gorgeous earrings! I need to take some pictures of them dangling.   These aren't listed as yet.

I have lots of projects on the go. My workbench is a disaster!!! I'll be blogging and posting more soon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


What a great summer we are having here in Toronto. The humidity has dropped (for now), and the temperatures are perfect!!

We were up at our cottage a few weeks ago for vacation. We are on a small island about 20 miles north of Huntsville, Ontario. In case anyone is interested in googling that. In case anyone is reading this! Is anyone reading this blog?

Here are some pics....

This is a huge rock that sits in the center of the island. It's almost as tall as I am. I'm 5'8" so that can give you some reference.  I would love to be able to airlift this beauty to my house. But that's not going to happen any time soon.

I took this picture while I was standing on the path going down to our little sandy beach. The sun was setting as you can tell. The beach is a great place to spend the afternoon.

Here is the "bay". I took this one morning. Look how stll the water is. 

Sunset at the beach.

It's nice to make a fire and sit out at the beach in the evening. Across the lake you can see another island.

So no jewellery making happened while I was away but I have been busy since I have been back. Pics coming in the next post!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot in TO

I have been on vacation the past week. What a great summer we are having here in Toronto!!  Hot and steamy. Just what summer is supposed to be like.

Here are a few of my latest listings in my ETSY shop.....

Bali Beads- Sterling silver

I love this bracelet!!! You could wear it everday!

This is cherry volcano quartz with copper!!

Here is a very sweet anklet. I have combined turquoise, red jasper, swarovski, and cute little Tierracast charms!!!

Have a great day everyone and stay hydrated. That's the nurse in me talking..