Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Florida, Toilet Paper & Jewellery

I was in Florida a few weeks ago visiting my family. It was not a great trip, for several reasons, one of them being that my friend Pat passed away while I was down there.
While staying at my Mom's, it was hard not to notice this sitting on top of her toilet.

This roll of toilet paper is wrapped in lace sitting on a blue plastic lace- edged clam shell. I didn't get a shot of the top of this train wreck, but it is embellished with flowers and fake pearls.

I don't know if I had way too much time on my hands, or if I was trying to distract my way out of my grief.  Who knows. But I started thinking ..why do people dress up their toilet paper? It's just a plain white roll of paper.  Everyone uses it. We take it for granted, except when it's in short supply.

But do some people actually find it offensive, and feel the need  to cover it up?

Or do others look at it and think.."My god, the things I could do with this...."
Out of curiousity I did a search on ETSY to see if anyone made toilet paper covers and there were 89 listings.  I did a Google images search and  I hit the proverbial motherlode! Page after page of toilet paper covers. Here are some of my favorites!

But before you start wasting even more of your time then you already have, by reading this blog, click on the video to listen to some music while you're deciding on which one you want to give as a present when you're playing Secret Santa!

This video has nothing to do with toilet paper, clam shells, fake lace or Florida. Be patient. We are getting to the Florida part soon. And the jewellery.

I just like the song!!!

Train - Hey, Soul Sister (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Trains

Here is one for all you Star Wars lovers. This one is from Japan.

Something for you cat lovers.....

How cute is that!!!

One for every holiday!!!

 This one cracks me up. A skunk protecting your toilet paper....

This one is kind of  creepy...

This one looks like a corset!!!

Have you seen enough? Yeah, me too.

 So we had a chance to visit the beach more than once.  It was very hot and humid. What a surprise- hot and humid in Florida during August. 

Here is a picture of one of my favorite restaurants- Breakers right on the beach...

Great food and cold beer!! Here is a view of the beach from the front porch of Breakers.

Now this is odd. Or at least I think it is. We went out to dinner one night and ordered caesar salad and this came with it....

A cinnamon roll loaded with frosting sitting next to the salad. Is this some new dining trend I know nothing about? If you have seen this before I'd appreciate a comment. I'm not going to get into the calorie count right now, or the esthetics of it all.

Ok. I saved the best for last. Here are some pics of my latest listings. I call them woven. I have created hoops out of 14k gf wire and woven gold wire and stones around the hoops. I think they look spectacular!
This one is gold and sunstone...

These are made with gold and natural emeralds..

 Hope you like the earrings!!

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