Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hammer Time

I have just listed these sterling silver hammered hoops in my ETSY shop.

In an attempt to be witty I named them "Hammered".   Of course, right after I named them the infamous MC Hammer song  "Can't Touch This" came into my head. Just like my White Ice bracelet got me humming Ice Ice Baby for days on end.

While you are listening to MC and watching him jump around scroll down and take a look at some of my other new listings.  Enjoy!!!

Indigo Blue Bracelet- Goldstone and Sterling silver

Matching earrings

Matching necklace

Golden Topaz Crystal Chaos!
These earrings are stunning!!!

You gotta love those parachute pants on MC!!! Now that was a trend that died a deserving death.
In case you were wondering if music inspires my designs the answer is not really. But music does inspire my choice of name for my creations!!

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