Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Eve

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends. Yes I am American!  It seems lately I haven't been able to celebrate US Thanksgiving much. I always seem to be working at that time.  I love Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays! Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, but it's just not the same.  I spent the day working- yet again. No turkey for me! :(

I hope everyone had a great one!!

Today we are supposed to give thanks for all the good things we have in life. I won't get all sloppy & sentimental, but I would like to thank all my family, friends, and clients for all their support over this past year.

Check out Sam & Dave working it to "I Thank You"  I know- the only thing this song has in common with Thanksgiving is the word "thanks".  However it is about expressing gratitude, and it's a great old song, and I like it. And it's my blog so I'll post whatever  I want !!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and the sale in my 2 shops has begun. I am offering free shipping in the USA & Canada now until Cyber Monday.

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Have a great evening!!!!

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