Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's BOGO time! Feeling Hot Hot Hot!!

Do you think it can get any colder? Probably yes. After all it is winter in Canada. I am so over the snow! I was taking pictures outside today of some of my jewellery and my hands were turning numb.  I know some people enjoy winter. They like to ski, skate, etc. Whatever. It all sucks as far as I am concerned.  Getting up at 5 am to get ready for 8 am class is hard enough. But going out in the cold and dark at 6am is not my idea of fun. It's actually pretty depressing. OK. My rant is over. At least for now.

 I have some new listings in my ETSY shop.

Gorgeous rock crystal and sterling silver are combined to create this chunky necklace

A stunning emerald and gold bracelet...........

Pretty sweet don't you think!

More studs!!!

Turquoise and sterling silver

Amethyst and sterling silver 

 Lapis Lazuli and sterling silver

These are really interesting. Brown and blue goldstone are combined. Check out the sparkle!

It's BOGO time!!!! Buy one custom birthstone necklace and recieve the second for half price!! I am currently running a sale in my ETSY store!!  These necklaces are made from gorgeous sparkly Swarovski crystals and sterling silver chains.  I can customize them for you. Just contact me.

  So Winter is still not over, and more deep freeze and snow is predicted for this coming week.  Let's all pretend we are somewhere warm and tropical, drinking something wonderful (and strong) by the beach.  And we are listening to this song.

Check out this video.  OMG!!! This guy's hair is too much and watch his face as he is singing!! Enjoy and stay warm!!!!


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