Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Sales

What a summer it has been here in southern Ontario! Nothing to complain about.

Here are some items that recently sold in my Etsy Shop....

White crackle crystal quartz stud earrings
 White crackle crystal quartz sterling silver wire wrapped post earrings

Sterling silver wire wrapped martini glass pendant

Sterling silver wire wrapped martini pendant. Bottoms Up!!! BTW, I love martini's. Gin. Straight up. Green olives. Yum! One of my best friends calls them panty-removers!

Dragon's Vein Jasper and Silver Earrings

Dragon's vein jasper and sterling silver earrings.

Thanks for looking and reading! Enjoy the rest of the summer.


  1. I always liked the dragon vein earrings. Congrats on your sales.


  2. congratulations on your sales.....I'm glad the cooler weather has moved in for a bit, and a little rain too.....


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