Monday, September 5, 2011


I have a new listing in my Etsy store.  A gold twisted bead and crystal necklace. Take a look:

Gold and crystal twisted bead necklace

I created the beads using around 2 1\2 feet of 14k 18 gauge gold filled wire.

Gold and crystal twisted bead necklace

The beads are around 1 1\2" in length and just shy of a 1\2" wide.

Gold and crystal twisted bead necklace

I measured and cut approximately 2 1\2 feet of wire. I made a wrapped loop at one end of the wire, wrapping around the wire twice.  I measured 1 1\2" down the wire and made another wrapped loop at the other end. I wrapped around the loop twice, then taking the and of the wire, I started wrapping loosely along the length of the bead, then began to wrap  up and down in a chaotic pattern.  I tucked the end of the wire inside the "chaos". 

Gold and crystal twisted bead necklace

The beads have a nice weight to them. Combined with the ab crystals I think it looks good!
In the future ( notice I am not  committing to a specific date!) I will post a picture tutorial on how to make twisted beads.  Ok. Now that I have said this, I guess I'll have to follow through!

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  1. oh Mary, this is stunning....I've always wanted to try this twisted wrap but never knew how...until now..thank you....
    I've seen it with little beads added...might give that a try after I master the wrap with your instruction :)


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