Sunday, March 25, 2012

New in the shop

I have some new listings in my Etsy shop.
Clear crystal and gold bracelet
Swarovski crystal and gold dangle bracelet

Mystic Pyrite and gemstone wire wrapped gold hoop earrings

They look great on!! 

 Ruby and moonstone gold drop earrings 

My latest "prop" for my pictures is an old sea urchin my husband had squirreled away in the basement. He is somewhat of a packrat but I'm glad he saved this as I like the look of it with the jewellery.

I'm continuing to make new hoop earrings. 

Citrine and sterling silver wire wrapped hoop earrings 

 I have expanded my line of bridal jewellery.  Starfish jewellery appears to be very popular. 

 I love abalone. The patterns and the colors are amazing. I combined the abalone with swarovski crystals.


Thanks for looking!


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