Monday, September 2, 2013

The crap side of 50

For those of you who read this blog you know I pretty much blog about my jewelry, and not much else.  I have been meaning to share some social commentary for some time now. I'll get back to the jewelry soon.

Last year I sent one of my friends from grade school an email wishing her Happy Birthday. She turned 56. We are born in the same year. She fired an email back thanking me and said although we still look good this particular birthday put her on the crap side of 50. Okay, she didn't use the word crap. I won't use the s word so I don't offend anyone and lose the few that actually read this blog.

The crap side of 50. That got me thinking. This pushes us closer to 60, then 70, then.... You can see where this is going. Not that I ever thought I wasn't going to get old. But it did make me think about the years left.

Case in point are two of my old boyfriends, both who are\were on the crap side of 50.  One passed away last November. Drank himself to death- died of esophageal varices a complication of advanced cirrhosis.  That really shook me up. The other is alive, but had a massive heart attack which prompted bypass grafting- several vessels.

Both of these events made me wonder if my friend was right. Is 56 the crap side of 50?